Seven Sisters is a shop in Portland, Oregon that features a mix of global and local independent fashion
and design. Our love for exquisite product and neighborly customer service define the Seven
Sisters experience. Taking pride in long relationships with staff who grow alongside us, we aim to
nurture our team as they support our successes and drive the business.

Please see a listing of available positions within the company below. All applications should come with
a resume and cover letter explaining how you could contribute to Seven Sisters. If you don’t see
something that fits your skill set, please write to us to share your qualifications and thoughts.

Summer Intern (1 Position Available)

Are you interested in an internship in Portland with Seven Sisters for the summer of 2018? Now is your chance! We are currently accepting applications for this summer! We're looking for folks that think outside of the box, are creative, innovators and risk takers. We're also looking for folks that have a passion for styling clothes and a love of being both behind and in front of the camera. Do you love digging through thrift stores searching for the perfect prop? Does scouting interesting locations interest you? Do you create incredible and stylish images? If your answer is yes, then this could be the opportunity for you to shine! 


  • Assist in the development of campaign ideas
  • Organize Shoots, Organize Wardrobe, Work with Models
  • Shoot and Edit Photos
  • Scout Locations
  • Style Shoots
  • Source props
  • Conduct related research
  • Manage a small team and work with others toward a collective goal                                                          


  • Advanced Photography skills
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to effectively collaborate with partners
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to be flexible. Ability to seamlessly switch from one roll to another.
  • Ability to respond to business objectives with creative, innovative, and cost-effective solutions
  • Ability to research and report on industry trend direction, color direction, and fabric innovations approximately 9-12 months ahead of season
  • Ability to recognize and accurately forecast fashion and cultural trends as they relate to the target customer
  • Ability to style outfits, hair and make up
  • Ability to coordinate shoots
  • Ability to manage small teams
  • Ability to direct and manage projects
  • Drivers License Required
  • A strong interest in fashion
  • A working understanding and interest in Gender Studies 

What to Submit

1. Resume

2. Design Brief (8.5 X 11 PDF)

  • Study our customer and design a concept board showing styling ideas and a concept based upon your understanding of our customer and product.

  • The board should touch upon trending fashion silhouettes, pattern direction, and color palette. Please include image  anything you feel is relevant to convey your point of view.

  • Create up to 5 photographs based around this idea to demonstrate your research abilities, ability to develop a concept, as well as your artistic hand. This is the creative part of the application so have fun with it!

***Please be sure to include your portfolio and/or links to your personal web site or instagram for us to check out!!***

How to Submit

  • Please email the two pieces of your application (resume and design brief) to

  • Once you have submitted your complete application via email you will receive an email from us thanking you for your application. Should you move to the interview phase, you will be contacted via email.

This is an unpaid internship. You must be able to earn college credit for this internship. Please do not apply if you cannot earn college credit. Interns will be required to dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week for the term of the internship. Schedule is flexible. ***Please note it may take up to 2 weeks to receive the email confirmation, so please be patient!*** Thanks for your interest in the Seven Sisters Internship Program!