Seven Sisters is a shop in Portland, Oregon that features a mix of global and local independent fashion
and design. Our love for exquisite product and neighborly customer service define the Seven
Sisters experience. Taking pride in long relationships with staff who grow alongside us, we aim to
nurture our team as they support our successes and drive the business.

Please see a listing of available positions within the company below. All applications should come with
a resume and cover letter explaining how you could contribute to Seven Sisters. If you don’t see
something that fits your skill set, please write to us to share your qualifications and thoughts.

Store Manager: 24-30 hours/week                                                                                                                                    

Store Manager Job Description

The Seven Sisters Shop Manager is at the helm of the brick-and-mortar and online shop's daily operations. Managers are a key part of the leadership team. They are responsible for creating and maintaining the brand culture, leading by example as they engage with clients, interact with fellow sales associates, and correspond with the Seven Sisters principal Director. The shop manager is selected for their attention to detail in all aspects of operations including meeting high standards of luxury customer service, creatively fostering growth of sales, and increasing efficiency of daily operations.

The Shop Manager schedules their time to complete administrative tasks in consideration of an obligation to oversee floor management and delivery of customer service. The Shop Manager is the strongest salesperson within the team and teaches associates Seven Sisters standards through example.

Managers use their unparalleled work ethic and dedication to the Seven Sisters' mission to run the brick and mortar shop, which is the core of our business. Internally, they are understood as the keystone to business overall.


  • Interact regularly with principle director. Lead staff training, scheduling and management under guidance from the principal Director. The Shop Manager follows and develops customer service outreach initiatives and own client development, management and retention.

  • Serve as leader to store associates as they are hired. Train new associates in maintenance of customer service guidelines, visual merchandising standards, and understanding of and performance to daily sales plan.

  • Oversee the accurate and timely processing of vendor deliveries. Minimize inventory shrinkage and guiding associates to support merchandise management as well as maximize all opportunities for loss prevention.

  • Create and organize a system for backstock and train others in understanding that system.

  • In collaboration with company's principal Director, instigate required incessant change and improvement of merchandise presentation as prompted by product arrival and performance by vendor, category, and any other requested guideline.

  • Manage online orders. Package and ship following requested guidelines.

  • Manage Instagram and post relevant items daily.

  • Respond to customer inquiries that are received via email in the tone of the brand.

  • Managers daily prepare and send reports for the principle Director. Monthly, Manager's send reports detailing store performance, ideas and recommendations. To the principal Director, the Shop Manager is the first and most important resource to understand the reality of store performance.


  • One year management experience in a contemporary or luxury environment.

  • A commitment to delivering top notch, personalized customer service.

  • A comprehensive knowledge of contemporary and luxury designers and brands.

  • A detailed understanding of fit and construction as pertains to maintaining expert product knowledge. The knowhow to pull items appropriate for different customer's style and body type; as well as the ability to style outfits and wardrobes for clients.

  • A love for the brands and categories Seven Sisters carries and their place in the global retail marketplace.

  • Excellent organizational skills and an ability to maintain systems of inventory management for the brick and mortar and shop retail website.

  • The ability to photograph products, style products, manage Instagram and other social media platforms as well as the shop's website.

  • Proven ability to motivate and inspire a team on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

  • Experience managing multi-brand sales and customer service.

  • A flexible schedule which leaves the manager available to serve the store, cover shifts or find responsible coverage when needed.

  • A critical and elevated sense of personal style that resonates with the Seven Sisters brand.

  • A mind for analytics and the innate curiosity to explore and understand a growing business.

  • A love for exploration, conversation, and communication with strangers and peers alike.

  • Ambition to grow within the Seven Sisters family.

Seven Sisters offers hourly pay (with commission and performance based bonuses) as well as sick pay, in addition to a generous discount of 25% off merchandise. As sales grow, we believe in compensating those that have contributed to that growth. Raises will be performance based as well as based on the shop's ability to meet and exceed sales goals.


Please e-mail resume and cover letter to                                                                               Application Deadline is July 29, 2018