Shopping Small and Dismantling the Patriarchy!

Screenshot 2017-11-29 10.55.16.png

THANK YOU! We are filled with awe, gratitude and love for all of our neighboring Portland shops and awesome customers that came out in full force today to support Small Business Saturday. Here are two little things that happened today that say a lot about our community and shine a light on positive things to come: 1. One of our favorite, women-supporting, small business supporting customers surprised us (and other small business owners!) with lattes and positive vibes just because she wanted to show her support for us (you know who you are, thank you for a true gesture if #sharesomthingbeautiful You are an angel)! 💗2. Today we got to watch the most elegant and clearly loving 80+ year old woman hand pick the perfect gift for her granddaughter with the help of her awesome son-in-law. It still means something to pick out that special surprise for your loved ones. That gift that only you can pick out for them, that every time they look at it, they think of you. I'm starting to get into that festive holiday spirit, folks! Thanks for being the BEST part of our world.           #sharesomethingbeautiful#smallbusinesssaturday #sevensisterspdx#sisterstyle #bywomenforwomen#ethicallymade #shopsmall#votewithyourdollar #togetherisbetterpdx#theworldwelivein #yinyang #telleverybody#grandmothersarethebest #latte#angelsquad #sisters 

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