Le Vestiarie de Jeanne- V Back Top in Black


Le Vestiarie de Jeanne- V Back Top in Black

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Flared blouse, sleeveless, boat neck, V neck on the back. The V neck can be worn on either the front or on the back. "Wrinkled" linen is a fabric which is high quality and soft. It keeps the shape of the garment and gives a rather straight and off the body shape and feel. Fabric made in Italy. Garment made in the Le Vestiarie de Jeanne factory in South of France.

More About Le Vestiare de Jeanne:

Le Vestiaire de Jeanne was born in 2007, when Charlotte started making clothes for her little sister, Jeanne. At the time, it was difficult to find minimalist clothes, in neutral colors, for kids. Jeanne was 6 years old and Charlotte was 18.

The first idea of Le Vestiaire de Jeanne, which was to dress Jeanne, evolved. As the company and the pair grew, Charlotte and Jeanne developed an adult line of clothing, household linen, and accessories. Now, the team’s ambition is to create a wardrobe ("vestiaire" in French), accessories and household linen for the whole family.

Le Vestiaire de Jeanne is now available in about 30 stores around the world. If you’re in France you can visit their store and garment factory at 18 rue Auguste, Nîmes, South of France.

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